mardi 21 août 2012

"Team Geek" by Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman, O'Reilly Media

Brian and Ben, through their personal experience in open source projects and their current job at Google have shared with us the social skills every developer need to have nowadays to succeed. They have shown us all the social skills you need to build as a person, team and finally how to sneak into a company's gears. Most of  developer  think that writing great code is what matters the most. This book explains that  it is not enough and gives us some tricks about how to work with "bad" teammates, managers and also in "bad" organizations (it may be or has been the case for most of us) and get things done. This book is interesting for both managers and engineers no matter the field you are working in. Some examples are focus on software engineering but you can easily transpose them in your daily job.

This book can be divided into four basic sections: You, The Team, The Organizations, Users. The pillar of all the sections is Humility, Respect and Trust HRT as they have contracted it in the book. One quote of the book which emphasizes this pillar:  “Managers worry about how things get done, while leaders forge the way”

If you are lazy about reading  194 pages you can get start by viewing some chapters of the book that Brian and Ben gave as a talk at google io: The myth of genius programmer and the art of organization manipulation. Hopefully you will like them and give a try to the book after.

Here is a link to the O’Reilly product page
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